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Everyday Africa

By 10th August 2015

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Everyday Africa


Everyday Africa

Inspired by the popularity and shareability of Everyday Africa —@everydayafrica — as a social media initiative on Tumblr and Instagram, journalists Austin Merrill and Peter DiCampo expanded into education. Everyday Africa educators work with students to dissect traditional media representations of Africa and of the students’ own communities. Students then take their own local “everyday” photos with smartphones or other simple cameras, telling their neighbourhood stories while learning and eventually showcasing valuable visual and cultural literacy skills.

Program Objectives

  • Using contemporary photographs of everyday life in various African communities through the Everyday Africa Instagram account and online platform, and by discussing and taking photographs of their own communities, students will:
  1. Learn about life/culture/customs in African nations via photography, breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions in the process.
  2. Explore photography as a medium of communication
  3. Learn basic visual literacy skills.