Why Education?

Education represents a crucial tool to break the cycle of poverty, and serves not only to empower individuals, but nations. Not only do educated individuals benefit from better employment prospects, better health and higher incomes, and greater choices, but educated communities are more tolerant, have better food security and are more active promoters of human rights. Education is a transformative tool, that not only changes lives, but empowers societies. Despite efforts to improve education, Ethiopia still struggles to provide accessible, quality education and we want to help change that.

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Our approach

We believe that at the heart of any education systems is teachers and schools, and we work directly with teachers and operate within the school system. Whilst many organisations approach education in top-down fashion, our’s is community-led, where schools, teachers and students and parents identify their needs, and Link Ethiopia helps them meet them. At Link Ethiopia we are guided by three main principles that inform our work. We believe in access to education, quality of education, and global learning and thus have developed our range of programmes to reflect these principles.

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Our results

 Over 20 years we have grown from one initial school link to working with over 100 schools in the UK and over 90 schools in Ethiopia, and thousands of students. We are proud to have seen improved school infrastructure, teaching quality, learning resources, inclusion of marginalised students and cultural exchange through our work. We see the results of our work every day in the schools and the students that we work with. You can read about our completed projects, but also how they change lives through a series of case studies of young people we have worked with.

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