This is where we list our current vacancies, all of which are listed below. If you don’t see anything listed appropriate but you are interested in working in our London or Ethiopian offices, carrying out research with us, or want to work with us in another way then you can find more information below.

Current Vacancies:

There are no current vacancies.

Work in London

If you are looking to gain some experience working in the head office of an NGO, want to do some research with us, or want to use your skills to improve our work then we have a range of opportunities to work in our London office.

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Work in Ethiopia

If you are looking for in-country work experience and want to develop your programming and project management skills then you may want to apply for a placement with us. Or if you are a student or academic who wants to carry out some research in Ethiopia then we would be interested to hear from you.

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Contact us

If you have a general inquiry about working with us that doesn’t appear to be catered for then please use the contact form below. You can also email [email protected]