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Link Ethiopia’s collection of FREE curriculum focused teaching resources brings Ethiopia and Africa to life, and is a great way to introduce some global learning into your school classroom!

We hope you find these useful. Get in contact if you have any questions or if you could help us develop our range of resources.

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  • Focus on Health

    Focus on Health

    Good health is vital to all of our lives and access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation are fundamental ingredients in this. Sadly, many people around the world do not have access to these things. Good health is so vital that it is the focus of three of the Millennium Development Goals:

    • Reduce child mortality
    • Improve maternal health
    • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

    Our health related resources encourage students to explore the importance of healthy eating and clean water and learn about the role they can play in promoting healthy lives.

  • HIV (myths and taboos) Activities

    HIV (myths and taboos) Activities

    This section provides several Topic for Exchange activities related to HIV.

    • Students work in groups to devise a short play exploring issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. The play is performed and then swapped with your link school.
    • Students discuss attitudes towards HIV in the UK, focusing on myths and taboos surrounding it. They capture their discussion in an appropriate way which is then swapped with your partner school. Materials from your partner school are then used as the basis for a discussion around differences and similarities exist in the UK and Ethiopia around attitudes to HIV.
    • Students design a campaign to spread health messages around HIV. They create blank posters with slogans for your link school. These posters are then swapped, illustrated and displayed.
  • Hopes and Dreams

    Hopes and Dreams

    Students consider a range of different jobs, what they might like to do in future and swap this information with pupils with their link school. The responses can then be investigated and used for discussion about similarities and differences.

  • Linking Resources

    Linking Resources

    This section includes all the important information and resources you will need if you and your school are a part of our school link programme. We at Link Ethiopia are here to help you every step of the way.

  • My Favourite Food

    My Favourite Food

    This activity encourages students to explore food in another culture, looking at likes, dislikes and diversity in food locally and globally. Students can create a display about their favourite foods and exchange this with their link school.

    The activity can be accompanied by the Harvest & Food Power Point assembly and the Focus on Food – Where does my food come from? lesson plan for 11-14 year olds.

  • Shared Learning Activities

    Shared Learning Activities

    These are activities that have been carried out successfully by other schools towards the beginning of a school link. They are all good Shared Learning Activities to exchange with your partner school.

  • Stories from another culture

    Stories from another culture

    This resource is modelled on The Primary Framework Stories from Other Cultures Unit for Year 5. It is made up of 10 sessions which should take roughly one hour each. The unit looks at two stories set in Ethiopia. It explores the environment and culture of Ethiopia and the issues Ethiopian children are faced with.

  • Sustainable Schools

    Sustainable Schools

    Students investigate ways of responding to climate change and creating an environmentally friendly, sustainable school. Students can create a display illustrating their findings with slogans to encourage people to take action. They can then be swapped with your link school and discussed in class.

  • Taking Action

    Taking Action

    One of the central aims of a link is to give young people in both schools the chance to take action to improve their world. Your link will provide opportunities to learn about different issues which your students may wish to address. These could include fundraising, campaigning or action on themes such as fair trade or the environment.

    Here is a PowerPoint guide to different ways of taking action and to the benefits and pitfalls of fundraising within your link, with advice on how to make it a learning opportunity and avoid mixed messages and stereotyping.

  • The Cafe

    The Cafe

    This activity has been created to allow students to investigate food in Ethiopia, looking at how much dishes in an Ethipian Cafe cost and how much an average Ethiopian earns a day, compared with the UK. Students will create a large café menu for their link school and take part in role-playing games involving calculations.

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