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Link Ethiopia’s collection of FREE curriculum focused teaching resources brings Ethiopia and Africa to life, and is a great way to introduce some global learning into your school classroom!

We hope you find these useful. Get in contact if you have any questions or if you could help us develop our range of resources.

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  • 1. How I feel about school

    1. How I feel about school

    Students think about what they like and dislike about going to school and swap this information with students at their link school. Use the responses to discuss similarities and differences.

    Early Years: You might like to have similar discussions with your students as outlined in the lesson plan for KS1/2 students but just simplify the shared learning activity by asking students to draw a picture of their favourite activity.

  • 2. Recipe Swap

    2. Recipe Swap

    The Recipe Swap provides investigative activities based on food preparation and the diversity of food and cooking from another culture. Students will create a display featuring a recipe for a typical English dish illustrating the cooking process with drawings and diagrams. After recipes have been exchanged with your link school the students can then experiment with cooking Ethiopian food and discussing any unsual ingrediants or cooking methods.

  • 3. Health Activities

    3. Health Activities

    This section provides several Topic for Exchange activities related to Health.

    • Students design blank posters with health slogans on them.
      Posters are then swapped with your link school, illustrated and displayed.
    • Students investigate what constitutes a healthy diet and keep a food diary. Use this information to create a display for your link school, which can be swapped and investigated.
    • As part of a healthy lifestyle, students try out a traditional Ethiopian sport called ‘Genna’, whilst Ethiopian pupils learn how to play Touch Rugby.
  • 4. Our Local Environment

    4. Our Local Environment

    This resource allows students to investigate their local environment and learn about the plants and animals that live there. After considering their response to the environment, how it makes them feel and why it is important to look after it, they can then create a display about their local environment and fill in an ‘exchange sheet’ in order to share ideas with students at their link school.

  • 5. Aspirations and the Olympics

    5. Aspirations and the Olympics

    This resource encourages students to share information about their personal aspirations and their hopes for the world. Looking at the Olympic values (displayed in the worksheet), they can decide which one would be most important in order to achieve their personal goals. Work can then be swapped with your link school and used for the basis of a discussion exploring similarities and differences and the significance of Olympic values in different cultures.

  • A Healthy Diet

    A Healthy Diet

    Exploring healthy eating and diversity, students investigate what constitutes a healthy diet and then investigate their own diet by keeping a food diary. Using this information, a display for your link school can be created, then swapped and discussed.

  • British Council – Teaching and Learning

    British Council – Teaching and Learning

    This document highlights some of the global dimension work that is happening in partnership classrooms. The guide has dozens of ideas for linking activtivies for various subjects.

  • Connecting Classrooms

    Connecting Classrooms

    Connecting Classrooms is designed to help young people to develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalised economy, and contribute responsibly both locally and globally.

    The new Connecting Classrooms programme was officially launched by the British Council and the UK Department for International Development on 24 June 2015.

    This DFID funded scheme has information about grants for exchange visits between link schools, CPD opportunities, and information about accreditation through the International Schools Award.

    For further information, click on following link: Connecting Classrooms

  • Focus on Climate Change

    Focus on Climate Change

    Climate change is arguably the most serious and pressing issue currently facing us. Climate change affects everyone around the world, regardless of country. As such, it makes an excellent topic for investigation and topic for exchange as part of your school link.

    Our climate change related resources encourage students to explore the causes and effects of climate change around the world. Students will gain an understanding that different countries will be affected differently by climate change and will gain awareness of their own role in climate change and investigate their responsibilities towards the environment.

  • Focus on Food

    Focus on Food

    Food is such a fundamental part of our lives that it makes an excellent subject for discussion. The topic of food connects with many areas of the curriculum and is an easy doorway to encourage students to investigate and explore their own lives and the lives of the students in their link school.

    Our food related resources encourage students to explore their own lives and habits and think about the diversity that exists locally and globally. Students can gain awareness of similarities and differences with food in another culture and develop a relationship with students from another culture.

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