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Link Ethiopia’s collection of FREE curriculum focused teaching resources brings Ethiopia and Africa to life, and is a great way to introduce some global learning into your school classroom!

We hope you find these useful. Get in contact if you have any questions or if you could help us develop our range of resources.

  • Campaigning


    Campaigning can be a great way to get your whole school involved in an important issue. Campaigning could take the form of raising awareness or writing to MPs and businesses. There are dozens of campaigns you could get involved in on a range of issues such as education, climate change and children’s rights.

    Send My Friend is an international campaign highlighting the plight of millions of children around the world who are denied an education and calling on governments to keep their promise to guarantee every child an education. Learn about the issues and then create your own message to send to your local government representative. The Send My Friend website has free videos, photos and lesson plans to help you explore the issues.

  • Fundraising


    The majority of schools that Link Ethiopia works with in Ethiopia have great resourcing needs, often for basics such as classrooms, toilets and libraries. Fundraising can be a good way to give your students sense of achievement and allow them to feel that they have been able to make a real difference for their friends in the link school. We can advise about the best ways to discuss fundraising with your students to encourage positive messages and to avoid stereotypes or simplified messages about solving global problems. We would encourage you to watch our ‘Taking Action’ presentation.

    If you would like to raise money, please get in touch and we will discuss a suitable project with you. Depending on the needs of your partner school, you may feel it better to focus your support towards other less well resourced schools nearby or other educational projects. In all cases, we will discuss this with both you and your partner school. All of our projects are carried out with local labour and communities will often donate raw materials or raise money themselves. Link Ethiopia will keep you updated on the progress of your project.

  • Fundraising Poster

    Fundraising Poster

    Think Global have a free fundraising poster for schools with ideas for combining fundraising with awareness-raising and education. You can order a free copy by emailing your name and postal address to [email protected]

  • Global Learning project pack

    Global Learning project pack

    Root your school charity fundraising in an understanding of education and poverty in a country like Ethiopia. This is absolutely the best kind of fundraising; it can be the point at which young people begin to engage in global issues, realising that poverty and inequality is a global challenge and one where they can create change.

    We’ve got a beautiful illustrated poster, lesson plans linked to the curriculum and to fundraising, sponsorship forms, thank-you certificates, and more to help you make sure your big fundraising event (or events) goes as planned.

    KS1-2 and KS3-4 packs available.

    Pair this with our fundraising pack:

  • Working Together

    Working Together

    We live in an interconnected world and many of the problems we face are global problems. Taking action together with young people in another country can be a powerful way to highlight this and make a real change. Examples of ways you could work together with your link school include:

    – fundraising together towards the same project, for example by making items in each country for sale to raise money

    – campaigning together by writing joint messages to politicians and businesses

    – swapping information about environmental issues in both your schools and sharing solutions