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Remembering Richard Pankhurst

By | Ethiopian News

20th February 2017 Written by Rahel Yibrish Last Thursday 17th of February 2017, we very sadly lost a great man and friend, Professor Richard Pankhurst who was considered by many as the ultimate expert on Ethiopian history, and to us a dear friend who supported and encouraged our work for many years. Following in the footsteps of his great mother Sylvia Pankhurst, who was an honorary Ethiopian and a vocal activist against the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Richard made Ethiopia…

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Transforming the Lives of Ethiopia’s Neglected Youth

By | Child Sponsorship

Written by Alex Baneke. In 2005 I was a 19 year old gap year student, spending 5 months teaching in the former Ethiopian capital city with its 13 castles: Gondar. I was teaching secondary school students through a scheme started by the small charity Link Ethiopia. While living in Gondar, I was confronted every day by numerous street children, who often spent their days begging and their nights sleeping on bits of cardboard by the side of the road. Deeply affected…

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Mark & Amy Robinson’s Ethiopia Visit

By | Ethiopian Culture

Written by Mark and Amy (Link Ethiopia sponsors and parents to Ben, a volunteer with Link Ethiopia). Our trip to Northern Ethiopia can only be described as a major assault on the senses – in a good way. From the spectacular beauty of the Simien Mountains, to the architectural wonder of the Lalibela churches, this part of Africa is surely the continent’s best kept secret. © Amy Robinson, 2016 We travelled to Ethiopia because our son, Ben, was near completion…

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My experience volunteering for Link Ethiopia!

By | Volunteering

Written by: Malak Azer I first arrived at the Link Ethiopia office in Finsbury Park, London on July 5th 2016, excited and also a bit nervous to start my six weeks internship. This being my the first internship experience, I had no idea what to expect – hence the nervousness. It did not help that the night before, the discover page on Snapchat had a story titled: ’10 first internship horror stories!’ Being the superstitious Egyptian that I am I…

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Celebrating in style – 20th Anniversary flag day in Gondar

By | Uncategorised

Fasiledes Secondary students joining in the Meskel square celebration In the streets of Gondar people look out of their houses and shops to see a phalanx of singing children coalescing on Meskel square. Each group is carrying a multicoloured 10 foot flag full of images of local life. Looking to mark the 20th anniversary of Link Ethiopia’s work changing lives through education, we decided to build a around our celebration around the all key contributors to our work, including UK…

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The Global Learning Project

By | Child Sponsorship

Written by Malak Azer. At Link Ethiopia, our aim has always been to help provide good quality education to poor children in Ethiopia, in order to assist them in accessing better opportunities in the future. This not only transforms their own lives but also causes entire communities to thrive and prosper. As our world develops at rapid speed and becomes more interconnected, it is important to keep up by adopting a more global and culturally aware outlook. Developing countries especially…

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Ethiopia faces its worst drought in 50 years

By | Ethiopian News

Written by Malak Maurice. Ethiopia’s last major drought occurred in the early 1980s, with the UN estimating the death toll to have been a figure close to 1 million people. Now, once again, due to the El Nino ocean-warming weather conditions, an estimated 10.2 Ethiopians are in need of food aid. The Kiremt rains usually provide food for roughly 80% of the population from June to September, but the failure of the wet season has precipitated a humanitarian crisis and…

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School Links Conference & British Council Training

By | School Links

Written by Tsegaye Alemneh & Rohan Moon Link Ethiopia’s Annual School Links Conference and training is held in Bishoftu town and Adama town. The conference and the training took three consecutive days, 24 head teachers and 58 Link coordinators (teachers) from different schools participated in the training. The aim of this conference was to report the main activities of the School Links Scheme and provide a training that helps Link Schools improve the quality of teaching and learning through fostering…

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St. George’s School Phase 2 Opening Ceremony

By | Projects

Written by Ama Konneh On the 9th of May, the opening ceremony for the opening of Phase 2 of our St George’s School project was held. This phase saw the construction of a further four classrooms (on top of the original 6), an IT suite for children to expand their knowledge of technology and develop IT skills that could potentially improve their future prospects, toilet accommodations to better standards of sanitation and basic hygiene, a guardhouse, and workshops. These improvements…

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Andinet’s new classroom – a success story

By | Classrooms and furniture

Written by Rhi and Ama Ethiopia is still a country of economic divides. Although there has been major progress recently, there is still an obvious gap between urban and rural areas in terms of basics such as education, sanitation and development. In the countryside, an agricultural way of life often means that time is limited, as rearing livestock and tending crops leaves little to spare. The schooling resources for rural areas are often scarce. Educational facilities are lacking, and the…

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Adventures with a Donkey in Ethiopia

By | Fundraising

Written by Rory It’s 2pm in the heat of the Gondar afternoon and I’m following the happiest donkey in Ethiopia. Happy because he’s spreading the joy of reading in for Ethiopian students without libraries … and because carrying his load of books, rather than bags of cement or teff (a grain used to make injera, Ethiopia’s stable bread) that are the usual fair of his fellows, is a cushy number. I am at Bahire Ginb school near Maksegnit, a small…

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International Childrens Book Day – Once Upon a Time

By | Libraries, books and literacy

Written by Ama Konneh Since 1967 International Childrens Book Day has been celebrated annually and aims to enthuse a love of reading and draw attention to children’s books worldwide. International Childrens Book Day falls on April 2nd in light of Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday – an inspirational childrens author who wrote over 150 fairy tales. Each year a different country member of the International Board on Books for Young People sponsors the Day and chooses a theme, previous years have…

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World Water Day – Water and Jobs

By | Water and sanitation

Written by Ama Konneh World Water Day is an international opportunity for people to learn more about water related problems, highlight and increase awareness on these issues, and make a global impact. The day itself dates back to 1993 when the United Nations General Assembly dedicated March 22nd as the first World Water Day and has since become an annual affair. Each year, World Water Day focuses on a specific aspect of water – the theme for 2016 is ‘Water…

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World Aids Day

By | Global Education

Written by Muna World AIDS Day takes place on December 1st. It’s a day to highlight the continuing spread of HIV and the need to fight discrimination, social stigma and support sufferers of HIV. At the same time we must not forget to acknowledge the progress that has been made and how close the world is to seeing an end to this viral disease. On this day many events take place around the world and people are invited to wear…

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