Our vision

Link Ethiopia’s vision is of a world in which everyone has access to quality education, can reach their full potential, contribute to their community and change the world for the better.

Our mission

Link Ethiopia changes lives through education. We work in partnership with local communities to improve access to quality education for all students in Ethiopia, encouraging mutual understanding and respect between different cultures.

We focus on Ethiopia because the need is great and the community desire is strong. This focus enables us to build our expertise and have significant impact throughout the country. We work alongside some of the poorest communities and we are a voice for the most disadvantaged young people in society. If you want to find out more about why we work in Ethiopia, and why we focus on education, follow the links!

Our work

We achieve our mission through partnership with school communities to help transform education for thousands of children by providing vital infrastructure, resourcing and training. We also support individuals through child sponsorship, provide improved English teaching through our volunteers programme, and increase cultural awareness between young people in Ethiopia and elsewhere through school linking.

At Link Ethiopia we are guided by three main principles that inform our work. We believe in access to education, quality of education, and global learning and thus have developed our range of programmes to reflect these principles. To learn more about our approach and our results follow the links.

What makes us different?

At Link Ethiopia as a small charity we are extremely proud of the ways in which we raise our money.  We don’t raise money by cold calling, chugging or sending out unsolicited mail. That way we know that all of our money comes from the generousity of our supporters, whether they are individuals, schools or trusts and funds.

Finance and transparency

Matters of money are often dull, however, being clear about where our money comes from and how we spend it is crucial to our commitment to following best practice. You can find our annual accounts here, but thankfully there are more than numbers on this page. You can read and download our annual reports, which outline the major activities of each year, and find our thanks to our generous donors.

Finance and Transparency

Team and governance

We are utterly privileged to have such a skilled and dedicated team. A few of our team are based in London while the vast majority, more than 90%, are based in Ethiopia, all having been born and brought up in the communities we are working with.
We have a diverse and experienced Board of Trustees which guides our strategic direction and we are supported by wonderful patrons, Richard and Rita Pankhurst, Haile Gebrselassie, and Jonathan Dimbleby, each of whom champion education in Ethiopia in different ways.

Meet the team

Our story

Back in 1996, when Link Ethiopia began as the first UK – Ethiopia school link, known in those days as GondarLink, there was a simple aim and ethos. We knew that students at Dr. Challoner’s Grammar School and those at Fasilides Secondary School in Gondar would greatly benefit from working together and learning from one another. Fast forward 20 years and this grassroots mentality still guides our work today. Find out what happened along the way!

Hear our story

Donors and partners

We are incredibly grateful to the following companies and organisations for making in-kind donations of goods and services to enable Link Ethiopia’s work in Ethiopia. We couldn’t operate in the same way without their help! Over the years we’ve also had amazing partnerships with a range of organisations, and you can find out more about them here.

Our donors and partners

Contact us

If you’ve got a question or a query, want to find out more about our work, or want to ask us just about anything then we’d love to hear from you. You can also find directions to our offices on this page.

Contact us

Get involved?

Hopefully we’ve provided you with a convincing case as to why our work at Link Ethiopia is so crucial, and have demonstrated why we are proud of the way we approach our work. However, the work of Link Ethiopia couldn’t happen without the help of our amazing supporters. If you’d like to be one of our supporters then there are loads of great ways to get involved with our work, or if you’d just like to keep up to date then stay connected!